Conference Overview

June 24, 2014 – June 28, 2014

This international conference is being organized by Kettering University to celebrate the IYS 2013 and the 175th anniversary of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Our intention is to bring together statisticians with expertise in statistical modeling, education, and applications. The conference will focus on multi-disciplinary use of historical data for urban communities. Participants may use any data of their choice. Analysis and models based on historical records will be included or discussed in the plenary sessions, invited talks, presentations and tutorials. Data about the City of Flint, MI, consisting of up to 100 years of demographic, health, labor, census, and crime records will be summarized in advance of the conference and made available to the participants. The Flint history spans the early years of the automotive industry, the force behind Flint’s growth, as well as its decline, both of which have had an impact on the Flint community. Each Session of the conference will start with an extended presentation of the statistical achievements and perspectives in the discussed area, followed by several talks on current research and results.


Important dates:

Early Bird registration by April 25, 2014
Deadline for abstracts submission May 15, 2014/notification for authors May 18
Regular registration by May 23, 2014
Day-Of also accepted


Full refund minus processing fees  until April 30, 2014
50% minus processing fees until May 15, 2014 
No refunds after May 15, 2014

Tutorials will be presented at the conference, including the following potential topics:

  1. The measure of dependence between random events, its statistical evaluation and use,
  2. The use of the copula approach for modeling dependent components in multivariate distributions,
  3. Life insurance in actuarial modeling,
  4. The matrix-analytic method in computational stochastics, and
  5. The importance of Bayesian statistics in statistical education.

Local Organizing Committee and Contact Information

Leszek Gawarecki                    
Boyan Dimitrov                        
Srinivas Chakravarthy            
Daniela Szatmari-Voicu        
Thomas Creach                        
Cheryl Cochran                        
Gergana Kodjebasheva           

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