Nov 01

Matt Borland ’94 named new crew chief for NASCAR driver Ryan Newman

Matt Borland ’94 is Ryan Newman’s new crew chief.

Kettering University class of 1994 graduate Matt Borland has been named the crew chief for NASCAR driver Ryan Newman of Stewart-Haas racing. Borland’s pairing with Newman has been covered in several national outlets the last two weeks.

From the Sporting News:

Matt Borland took over Newman’s Stewart-Haas Racing team this week, reuniting the duo that won 12 races together at Penske Racing from 2002-05, including a career-high eight wins in 2003.

After winning just four more races over the past seven years, Newman is thrilled to have Borland back on top of his pit box.

From a column by Newman on NASCAR.com:

I’m really looking forward to being reunited with Borland. We definitely had a unique relationship. Borland was with me at the very beginning of my stock-car career. He was the crew chief picked to run my team and help guide my development.

We had a lot of highs and enjoyed a lot of success. I think with both of us being engineers, we have a different way of looking at things and working through problems.

Personally and away from the track, Borland was the best man when I married Krissie in January 2004.

We’ve remained friends since then. And while our lives are different now than where we were back then, we’re still as close as we’ve ever been.

From Fox Sports:

“Matt Borland has had great success as a crew chief, and much of it came when he and Ryan Newman worked together. Matt and Ryan both have engineering backgrounds and they have similar mindsets. It’s a pairing that produced some very good results and there’s no reason why it can’t produce similar results now that they’re back together. Their four races together this year will position them very well for 2013.”

USA Today and CBS Sports also covered Borland’s new role.