Nov 27

Leading by example: Jim ’55 and Wilma Miller challenge others to give back

Jim ’55 and Wilma Miller

Jim ’55 and Wilma Miller were recently featured in a philanthropy article on Kettering University’s website. An excerpt:

In order to stay in school, Jim utilized loans from a program established by General Motors.  “If I hadn’t had help,” Jim states, “I would’ve had to drop out of GMI after I married a lovely legal secretary at the end of my second year.”  Accordingly, the Miller Scholarship Fund was designed to help promising students finish their studies.  The Millers have also established a similar scholarship fund with the Experimental Aircraft Association, of which Jim has been a hands-on participant for 57 years, building and repairing more than 29 small airplanes during that time.

Jim hopes his efforts will have a similar impact on others as Thomas’s had on him.  “I have asked myself,” Jim adds, “where would I be today if educational financial assistance had not been available?  I was far from the only student to benefit from the loan program, and I would challenge all Kettering/GMI Alumni who have achieved professional success to contribute to this fund or create a similar opportunity through a gift of their own.”