Jan 18

Future Tech Farm project by Kettering student and recent grad featured on Seedstock

A prototype of a Future Tech Farm unit.

Future Tech Farm, a startup project by Kettering student Austin Lawrence and recent grad Brian Falther, was recently profiled by Seedstock, an online magazine that features entrepreneurial projects related to agricultural sustainability. From the story:

By introducing their systems in homes around the world, Future Tech Farm hopes to change people’s thoughts on modern farming practices. Inspired by Dickson Despommier, author of The Vertical Farm, Future Tech Farm also believes that people should produce food as close to the source of consumption as possible, in this case, in their own homes, giving farmlands a chance to return to natural poly-cultural forests.

While their passion toward a sustainable future is driving them toward the change they desire, their path hasn’t been without hurdles. Falther says that the biggest challenge is working on the development of Future Tech Farm, while holding down a full-time job. At the same time Lawrence is taking classes at Kettering and working at a co-op position in Chicago, living about two hours away from Falther. “Conservatively, I work on the development of Future Tech Farm eight hours a day and work full-time as a mechanical engineer,” he explains. “Until this venture is economically sustainable enough to walk away from the day job, it’s a challenge to find enough time in the day.”

Read Kettering’s story about the project here.