Jan 23

Alum helps engineer improvements for surgeons

Shar Puskala ’01 led a team of engineers in designing disposable laparoscopic scissors for CareFusion. From the story on Kettering University’s news website:

Shar Puskala ’01 was the project manager for a team that developed disposable laparoscopic scissors that are compatible with a newly launched take-apart instrument line at CareFusion. Puskala, a Mechanical Engineering graduate, is employed by CareFusion in Chicago designing medical equipment. CareFusion is headquartered in San Diego and operates in more than 150 countries around the world, including a large presence in northern Chicago where Puskala is based.

The disposable laparoscopic scissors are currently in a limited market release. “We have released the scissors to a limited number of surgeons, so they can use the product and provide feedback prior to full market release,” said Puskala.

“While testing the device in simulated situations takes us far, there may be tweaks that are required when the product is tested in a real setting by surgeons in an operating room environment,” she explained. “So our company chooses to perform limited market releases on certain products to ensure we have met the end-customers’ requirements.” Puskala said that if the surgical tests go well, CareFusion will fully release the product.