May 01

Reg Bell story time: A graduate looks back on a practical joke

We asked alumni, students and friends to share their favorite Professor Reg Bell stories as we celebrate his milestone 200th consecutive teaching term. We’ll post those stories here throughout the month. If you’d like to share your own story, email RegBell200@kettering.edu. You can also share your stories on Twitter using the #RegBell200 hashtag.

“One lunch hour, Reggie was sitting with Dr. Doddles, the head of the Chemistry Department, eating lunch. He was a relatively new teacher, and so he was sucking up to the Department Head. The night before, Reg had led a review for his students before finals. As they ate, I walked up and began a long gushy thank you speech about his selfless sacrifice at going out of his way to help students. I laid it on thick enough that Reg was starting to color. When I finished, not knowing quite what to say, Reg introduced me to Dr. D. I gushed slightly at my honor at meeting him. Then I turned to Reg and said, “Did I say it right Reggie?” and turned my head and walked away. Reg sat sputtering ¬†while Dr. D laughed and laughed. Demonstrating what a great guy Reg is, I still got my 90 in Chemistry.”

Gary Rutledge ’69-’70