May 02

Reg Bell story time: “Professor Bell is the single reason I am able to call myself a Kettering University Alumnus”

We asked alumni, students and friends to share their favorite Professor Reg Bell stories as we celebrate his milestone 200th consecutive teaching term. We’ll post those stories here throughout the month. If you’d like to share your own story, email RegBell200@kettering.edu. You can also share your stories on Twitter using the#RegBell200 hashtag.

“Professor Bell is the single reason I am able to call myself a Kettering University Alumnus. Through the admissions screening process, I had a problem with some of the criteria and was requested to provide additional information. The request was quite specific: I needed the recommendation of my High School Math Teacher due to some attendance notations in my file. Well, apparently teachers that make attendance notations in your file are reluctant to write recommendations.

“During earlier visits to campus, I had come into contact with Professor Bell and even attended a few of his lectures at his invitation. During my last admissions visit I happened upon him in the hall where he remembered me as “One of his Future Favorite Students.” I explained that although I would very much like that, I was beginning to understand I would not be able to attend the university. Intrigued in my story, Professor Bell invited me to dinner, where he introduced me to the President of the University among others. Later in the week I received a call from the Admissions Staff that Professor Bell had written a letter of recommendation for me, and that I should be aware his recommendation is the only reason they were reversing their decision.

“Thank you Professor Bell. Kettering University is where I became engaged in learning, found my career, and met my wonderful wife. We owe you everything.”

Keith Badgley
General Motors
Hybrid/Electric Engineering