May 08

Reg Bell story time: Don’t ever question Prof. Bell’s organization system

We asked alumni, students and friends to share their favorite Professor Reg Bell stories as we celebrate his milestone 200th consecutive teaching term. We’ll post those stories here throughout the month. If you’d like to share your own story, email RegBell200@kettering.edu. You can also share your stories on Twitter using the #RegBell200 hashtag.

“I had to miss a class for one reason or another, and had to visit Professor Bell’s office to pick up my homework assignment  I walk into his small office and it was almost a maze of stacked papers you had to walk through just to get to your visitor’s seat. Professor Bell is sitting at his seat with a grin and I begin to ask “Excuse me Professor, but I missed Monday’s class and was hoping to pick up my—-“ he then raises his finger in silence as to shush me…..closes his eyes……aimlessly stabs into one of the very large piles of papers within his arms’ reach and pulls out the assignment in one quick swoop”  I look at the assignment in amazement and begin to ask “How did you —“…..where he silently (and with a grin) shushes me again and then dismissed me out of the office…..absolutely classic Professor Bell!”

Ryan LaForge ‘97