May 16

Reg Bell story time: The birth of ‘Bell’s Angels’

We asked alumni, students and friends to share their favorite Professor Reg Bell stories as we celebrate his milestone 200th consecutive teaching term. We’ll post those stories here throughout the month. If you’d like to share your own story, email RegBell200@kettering.edu. You can also share your stories on Twitter using the #RegBell200 hashtag.

“I believe our chemistry class was the first to be called “Bell’s Angels”. We had formed an intramural basketball team and Mr. Bell was our coach. It was truly one of the my best memories of him. I can’t remember how many games we played, but I don’t remember ever losing. His gift was not so much coaching, as it was knowing and understanding each of the players, and how to inspire them to be the best they could.

Mr. Bell has absolutely no athletic ability at all. I myself was not a good athlete either, but I could shoot a basketball. However, I could never beat him at the game of “h o r s e”, which we would occasionally play in the gym. As I look back, I realize now the psychological games he played, which he was a master at.

“He was a great chemistry teacher, but his true gift was knowing how to get the best out of each and every one of his students. The four years I knew him at GMI were truly a blessing and although I have not seen him since I graduated, I still count him as a friend and his influence has been with me ever since.”

Stephen Belisle ’73