Oct 11

School. Home. Work. Repeat.

Chaz Mancino

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Kettering freshman Charles ‘Chaz’ Mancino. Chaz, who is from Fredonia, NY, and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, will occasionally post his thoughts about his Kettering student experiences on Life at Kettering.If you’d like to write a guest blog post, e-mail jmurphy(at)kettering(dot)edu. Chaz’s other posts: Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3 | Post 4 | Post 5 | Post 6 | Post 7 | Post 8 | Post 9 | Post 10 | Post 11 | Post 12 | Post 13 | Post 14


Yep, it is Kettering University’s schedule working its magic again.

Finals. Every college student dreads that word. Luckily, a nice, long trip back home is at the end of the road. There, a Kettering University student can sleep in, divulge in good cooking, and see friends…if their schedules match up. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, but fortunately one can visit his or her old high school or high school athletic teams. While it is in the school where students learn, hearts and souls belong to the sports teams. That is where my break took me.

As everyone probably knows already, a part of my heart lies sunk in mud that replaced grass, in trails in the woods, and on the slopes of hills. Yes, I am talking about the sport of cross country. Although it was fun to once again run with my team, it was a treat to watch a race at my team’s home course. To put the cherry on top of an already sweet sundae, I had the honor of seeing a few of my friends from the rival school. Visiting your old team, watching a race, and seeing other friends from a different school? Maybe the break was not so bad after all…

Eventually all things come to an end, and I soon found myself heading back towards Michigan to start my third work term. My co-op is still at Tenneco, only this time I am stationed at the Jackson, Michigan, facility instead of the facility in Grass Lake, Michigan. Like a lot of companies, Tenneco can send co-ops from place to place to experience different facilities and departments. This makes the co-op experience more interesting because one can meet different people and work in a different area compared to being grounded at one place. With that said, the current work term looks full of fun new experiences waiting to be discovered.