Apr 07

Back to your regularly scheduled work term

Jessica Bruce

Jessica Bruce

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Kettering senior Jessica Bruce, who is from Flint, MI and is majoring in Industrial Engineering, will occasionally post her thoughts about her Kettering student experiences on Life at Kettering. If you’d like to write a guest blog post, e-mail jmurphy(at)kettering(dot)edu. Jessica’s other posts: Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3

Wow, what an academic term and apologies for the lack of posts. This past school term has been a whirlwind for me, with my class load surprising me a bit, but I handled it and came out on top. Over winter break on New Year’s Eve I actually got engaged to a Mechanical Engineering student on B section, and I’m very happy; though currently not planning anything until after graduation, school first.

Now I’m a senior! YAY :D

Finals week was interesting for me.  I was rear-ended while waiting for the red light in front of Einstein’s to change on my way to my 10 a.m. Human Biology exam. No major injury, and my car needs a new impact bar, but the whole experience was not what I had planned for the first morning of exams. However, the mini-station adjoined to Einstein’s was ridiculously convenient as I didn’t even have to call 911 to report the accident. Then later that night I went to the clinic to get checked out, as my neck was really bothering me,  and got diagnosed with minor whiplash and was given a doctor’s note for my 7:30 a.m. exam the next morning, efficiently ending my Winter 2014 academic term. All healed now though. :D

My alumni FRC robotics team, Megatron Oracles a.k.a “Big MO” team 314, is having a fantastic 15th anniversary season! They have won two of their competitions this year and at their last competition they received the Chairman’s award! Currently they are ranked 4th in the state and are qualified to go to the State competition. I am so proud of my alumni team for doing so well, and congratulations to all the members on the team! I wish you guys the best and can’t wait to see how you fare at states and worlds.

Now back to our regularly scheduled work term.

This term is going to be a bit hectic, but hey…when is Kettering not hectic? First official thesis term and I get to begin the process of testing. I’m excited for my first really big work project. Also I’m hopeful to get to travel for work a bit this term; a change in scenery is always nice.