The NVHEM Lab houses a variety of equipment and resources necessary to conduct structural dynamic, acoustical, modal analysis, and control system experiments and modeling. The following items are available to students:

Major Hardware/Acquisition Systems

  • Digital Image Correlation Measurement System including the Vibration Module and Non-Contact Full-Field Dynamic Strain Measurement System

    • The DIC system is a cutting edge system in necessary strain and displacement measurements across various disciplines and fields. It is a ready to use and complete system used to measure the shape, displacement, and strain of surfaces in three dimensions with great accuracy.

    • The NVHEM Lab is one of the leading laboratories in the area of structural dynamics that is equipped with high-speed cameras for modal testing.

      The NVHEM Lab and Acoustic Lab at Kettering are equipped with:

      • A pair of photron high-speed cameras
      • Two pairs of low-speed cameras
      • VIC-3D with vibration module
      • TEMA Motion and TEMA automotive
      • An anechoic chamber
      • A drone to carry the cameras
      • Four SCADAS data acquisition systems by LMS
      • Optical tables
      • Several finite element and NVH software packages including LMS Test.Lab and LMS Virtual.Lab
      • MicroStrain wireless data acquisition system

      Multiple mechanical shakers, triaxial and uniaxial accelerometers, modal impact hammers, impedance heads, acoustical microphones, intercity probes, vibration and acoustic calibrators, and necessary equipment for modal and acoustic testing.