Saroja Kanchi

Research Interests


Distributed Systems

Graph Theory

Wireless Networks



B.S. Mathematics, Queen Mary’s College, Chennai, India 1983

M.S. Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India 1985

M.S. Applied Mathematics, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 1989

M.S. Engineering (Computer) Science, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 199X

Ph.D. Computer Science, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 1993



Professor, Kettering University, Flint, MI, 2005-present

Associate Professor, Kettering University, Flint, MI, 1998-2005

Assistant Professor, Kettering University, Flint, MI 1993-1998



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J.Chen and S.Kanchi “”Graph Ear Decompositions and Imbeddings” , SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics 229, No 2, pp. 229-243, 1999


Contact Information

Email: skanchi@kettering.edu

Phone: (810) 762-7987

Office: 2-300P AB