Boyan Dimitrov

Research Interests

Applied Probability

Applied Statistics



B.S. Mathematics, University of Sofia “Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria 1965

M.S. Mathematics, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria 1966

Ph.D. Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia 1971

Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria 1986



Professor, Kettering University, Flint, MI, 2001-present

Associate Professor, GMI Engineering & Management Institute, Flint, MI, 1995-2001

Adjunct Professor, GMI Engineering & Management Institute, Flint, MI, 1993-1995

Visiting Professor & Research Fellow, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, 1992-1993

Visiting Professor & Research Fellow, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1992-1993

Professor, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1989-1991

Dean of the School of Mathematics, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1989-1991

Associate Professor, University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1976-1989

Researcher, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1971-1976


Research Activities

Activity: Probability models in politics, Collaborators: Dr. Sahib Esa, Company: Ministry of Education, City: Erbil, ST: Kurdistan, start-end (2009) (present)

Activity: Measures of dependence between random variables, Collaborators: Dr. Nikolai Kolev, Company: University of Sao Paulo, City: Sao Paulo, ST Brazil, Start-end: (2007-present)

Activity: Statistics of Fuel Cells, Collaborators: Dr. Etim Ubong, Company: ME Dept.  Kettering U.,, City Flint, ST Michigan start-end (2001) (present



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B. Dimitrov (2012) Do the life times with periodic failure rates exist in reliability? Internat. Conf. Probability Theory and its Applications, Moscow (June 26-30) Proceedings, pp280-281.

B. Dimitrov, and N. Yanev, (2007) Veroiatnosti i Statistika,University of Sofia “St.Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria (in Bulgarian; In Engl.”Probability and Statistics”, a textbook for Math and Science students, Third Edition

B. Dimitrov and A. Geshev (1982) Matematicheska Statistika, Plovdiv University, a textbook Provdiv Univ. Press,Plovdiv, Bulgaria (In Bulgarian). English translation Mathematical Statistics.

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B. Dimitrov, S. Chukova, Z. Khalil (2004) Warranty costs: An age dependent failure/ repaire model, Naval Research Logistic Quarterly, v. 51, pp. 959-976.


Contact Information

Email: bdimitro@kettering.edu

Phone: (810) 762-7910

Office: 2-135E AB