Testing & Instruction


The laboratory is equipped with components capable of performing standard as well as non-standard insulation tests for high-voltage equipment, such as, switchgear, transformers, insulators, cables, etc. up to a test voltage of 250 kV with alternating voltages (ac), direct voltages (dc) or impulse voltages of various wave-shapes.

AC test transformer: rated voltage: 100 kV (rms), rated current: 50 mA (rms). (Two-stage cascaded AC transformers provide 200 kV (rms))











Instruction Purpose

  • To facilitate the students to design, construct and test different types of high-voltage generators and circuits.
  • To give the students hands-on experience by observing partial discharges and breakdowns in gaseous, liquid and solid insulating materials.
  • To enhance student motivation, encourage student discussion and promote more complete understanding of different types of high voltage circuits.

The high-voltage circuit students designed and constructed.