Innovation-to-Entrepreneurship Across the University (I2E-AU)

A Program at Kettering University, I2E-AU, aims to create engineering graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset will help them to not just solve problems and create innovative products, but also do this with customer needs and value creation in mind. Once a student has gone through this program they know how to recognize opportunities as well as deliver their innovations to market place.

Dr. Massoud Tavakoli speaks about "Innovation to Entrepreneurship Across the University":

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What’s New

01/23/2014 Kristiina Hiukka talks about Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship at Cribathon, 12:20-1:20. Lunch will be served! More information

01/15/2014 Alex Thompson, Brennen Kunka, Phillip Moffat won our Week 1 Challenge: Tallest Balloon Tower.

12/17/2013 Doug Melton's Lunch presentation video added under "Faculty Projects-> KEEN Topical Grant Workshop at Kettering University".

11/26/2013 KEEN Faculty workshop video added under "Faculty Projects -> KEEN Topical Grant Workshop at Kettering University".

I2E-AU just launched a new site. Stay tuned for up to date information and news for all of I2E-AU events and happenings.