Massoud S. Tavakoli

Research Interests

Vehicle Crash Safety and Occupant Protection

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Forensics

Vehicle Injury Biomechanics

Product Design and Safety

Patent Analysis and Litigation

Engineering Entrepreneurship



Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1987

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1983

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering,, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 1981



Director of Entrepreneurship Across the University,  Kettering University,  Flint,  MI, 2012 – present

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University (formerly, GMI), 1999-present

Visiting Professor, Univ. of Michigan Hospital International Center for Automotive Medicine (ICAM), 2012

Coordinator for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Kettering University, 2009

Industry Liaison for Sponsored Research and Consulting, Kettering University, 2004-2006

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University, 1994-1999


Selected Publications

Janca, S. Shanks, K., Brelin-Fornari, J., Tangirala, R., and Tavakoli, M.S., “Side Impact Testing of the Near-Side, Rear Seat Occupant Using a Deceleration Sled,” SAE 2014-01-0547.

Brelin-Fornari, J., Janca, S. and Tavakoli, M.S., “Kinematic Comparison of Acceleration versus Deceleration Sled Methods in Child Seat Side Impact Testing,” presented at SAE 2013 Government/Industry Meeting, Washington, DC.

Cummins, C. and Tavakoli, M.S., “Computational Consideration of Crush Energy Estimation in Frontal Collisions with Underride and Lateral Offset,” SAE 2012-01-0595.

Braganza, J., Tavakoli, M.S. and Fornari, J. “Investigation of Rear Occupant Head Restraint Interaction in High-Severity Rear Impact Using BioRID and HIII,” SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars – Mechanical Systems, June 2011, V. 4, pp. 251-271; also SAE 2011-01-0273.

Iyer, R.H.S., Tavakoli, M.S., “Trailer Rear Impact Protection: Influence of Guard Support Deformation,” SAE 2010-01-0227, 2010.

Tavakoli, M.S., Brelin-Fornari, J., Shetty, V., “Effect of Seat Belts Equipped with Pretensioners on Rear Seat Adult Occupant in High-Severity Rear Impact,” SAE 2008-01-1488, 2008.

Tavakoli, M.S., George, A.M.V., “Characteristics of Trailer Rear Impact Guard – Interdependence of Guard Strength, Energy Absorption, Occupant Forces and Passenger Compartment Intrusion,” SAE 2008-01-0155, 2008.

Tavakoli, M.S., Valliappan, P., Pranesh, A. and Savage, Jr., C.M., “Estimation of Frontal Crush Stiffness Coefficients for Car-to-Heavy Truck Underride Collisions,” SAE 2007-01-0731, 2007.

Sathyanarayana, D., Tavakoli, M.S., Atkinson, P.J., Anseth, S., Raley, T., Walters, N., “External Knee Geometry Surface Variation as a Function of Subject Anthropometry and Flexion Angle for Human and Surrogate Subjects,” SAE 2007-01-1161, 2007.


Contact Information

Email: massoud.tavakoli@kettering.edu

Phone: (810) 762-7922

Office: Mott 2-131