Current Projects

Dr.  Ronald Tackett, PhysicsThe synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for use in targeted drug delivery and as mediators in the magnetic fluid hyperthermia treatment of malignant tumors
Dr.  Uma Ramabadran, Physics

The fabrication of reduced graphene oxide films using atmospheric plasma and furnace annealing

Dr. Steven Nartker, Chemical EngineeringPolymer and composite fibers and films for biomedical applications

Dr. Xuan Zhou, Electrical EngineeringSynthesis and characterization of Na4Mn9O18 cathodes and iron oxide anodes for sodium ion batteries
Dr. Gianfranco DiGiuseppe, Mechanical EngineeringSynthesis and characterization of materials for advanced solid oxide fuel cells
Dr. Corneliu Rablau, PhysicsGrowth and characterization of magnetosomes produced by magnetotactic bacteria for hyperthermia and micro- and nanorobotics
Dr. Lihua Wang, BioInorganic Chemistry

Study of the interactions of ligand-capped fold nanostructures with metal ions